This or something better….

Manifesting is easy if you know some basic rules of the game.

It’s not just your thoughts that make your desires manifest.  Your thoughts have to match your emotion and vibration.  Your vibration is connected to your emotions.  Let’s say you have a thought, “I want to win the lottery so I will buy a ticket. It’s only $1.00.”  You purchase the ticket but your emotions say, “I never win anything.”  Your vibration matches your emotion.  Your thought may be high but your emotion and vibration are lower.  Find a better feeling or reach for a different thought.  A better feeling might be, “I have won prizes at various points in my life.  I see the opportunity to win the lottery.”  A better thought might be, “I am putting my intention on winning the lottery. If it is for my best and highest good, I will win.”

You can’t manifest other people’s stuff.  A few years back, I had a friend approach me who was excited about manifesting.  She had just read ‘The Secret’ and she wanted to manifest a new place to live.  She said, “I want to own and live in that house across the street.”  I explained to her that she wasn’t going to get that house.  She thought I was being a downer on manifesting.  I explained to her further that her desire needed to be re-worded.  What she was truly desiring was a place of residence like the house across the street.  One that had the quaint qualities, amount of property and other characteristics of that house.  She couldn’t have that house because it wasn’t for sale.  Furthermore, the current residents were still residing in it.  Additionally, that house might not be exactly what she was truly desiring as it might have interior issues that she didn’t know about.  Better to focus on the qualities and characteristics of what you truly want instead of that specific item.

When we manifest, we don’t ask for more than we think we deserve.  Many people come from a place of lack and limitation when manifesting.  They only ask for “just a little more” than what they currently have in their life.  If you are looking for a new job and you manifest, “I just need a job that pays the bills.” you will get a job that just pays the bills.  Ask for what you truly desire and then add this statement:

“I would like THIS, or something better”

You have now given the Universe permission to provide you with unlimited resources.

You don’t always get what you want, but you do get what you need.  Wait, I think there is a song in that….too late, it’s already been done!  Manifesting is about raising your vibration.  You are reaching for better feeling thoughts constantly.  By doing so, you keep your vibration high so the Universe can provide you with all that is available for you.  That new car that you want to show up in your driveway tomorrow morning may not be there, but by keeping your vibration on it, you may find that you get a new job that pays you more money so you can buy that new car, or a better model, without taxing your finances.

Ask and then let go.  It’s like the old snail mail model.  To pay a bill, you write out a check, stick it in the envelope, put a stamp on it, and LET GO of it as you put it in the mailbox.  You ALLOW it to get where it needs to go.  You know whether it gets there or not either by receiving a late payment notice from the company or seeing that the amount of your check was credited to your account.  During that waiting time, you didn’t call everyday to see if your payment was received.  You just trusted that it would get there.  It’s the same with manifesting.  You put it out there and then you let go of any outcome.

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