My Prayer for you

Infinite Spirit, I pray for those who are dealing with the outcomes of this storm.  May their faith stay strong that all will work out exactly as You have planned.  Watch over all without heat and keep them near and dear to Your heart so they will be warmed and protected by Your love..  Feed them nourishment of a sound heart and mind.  Watch over them and let them spend time with their families and friends.  Bring us all together so that we may truly understand the sense of community of which we are a part.  We promise to do our part and then allow You to do what we cannot.  Bless us and keep us in Your sight.  Guide us and teach us gratitude as we go through the clean up process.  Let us remember that as the earth is cleansing, we too are cleansing and releasing our need for material things.  Thank You for watching over us.  May we walk in your love and light all the days of our lives.

And so it is.

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