Overcoming Obstacles on the way to your Life Vision

If you’ve been tuning into my podcast, “This Life or Something Better,” you’d know that our latest episode, Overcoming Obstacles on the way to your Life Vision, dives deep into tackling those roadblocks that seem to appear just when you’re reaching for your life vision. If you’re new here or need a refresher, let’s dive into some key points to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Understanding the Nature of Obstacles
One of the first things I emphasized in the episode is that obstacles are largely a matter of perception. Our lives are filled with temporary circumstances—moments we often magnify into insurmountable barriers. Realizing that obstacles are just circumstantial and not permanent can lighten your load and empower your journey.

Key Insight: Obstacles are temporary situations; your perception of them determines their impact on your life vision.

Types of Goals: A Roadmap
Borrowing a concept from James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits,” I discussed three types of goals that can either help or hinder you:
1. Outcome-Based Goals: “I will lose 10 pounds” or “I want to become a bestselling author.” While these can give you a clear end point, they often falter when life throws you off track.   
2. Process-Based Goals: These focus on actions you can control, like “I will work out 3 times per week.” They’re better than outcome-based goals but can still be disrupted by life’s little surprises.   
3. Identity-Based Goals: The golden nugget. Instead of doing, you focus on being. Examples: “I am a consistent exerciser” or “I am a published author.” Your vision is tied to your identity, making it an integral part of who you are.

Key Insight: Shift from doing to being. Identify with your goal to weave it seamlessly into your daily life.

Tackling Common Obstacles Self-Doubt and Fear
When fear and self-doubt creep in, remember that your life vision isn’t a destination—it’s an evolving masterpiece. It’s about becoming, not just achieving. Think of failures as learning experiences—a way to identify what doesn’t work so you can pivot.

Key Insight: Reframe failure as a stepping stone to growth. Real growth comes from learning and adapting.

Distractions and Procrastination With all the noise around us, distraction and procrastination can become major roadblocks. The key here is to understand that life vision is not about rigid timelines. It’s a continual process where each small step counts. There is no endline, so procrastination is a non-issue.

Key Insight: There’s no strict deadline for your life vision. Small, consistent steps make all the difference.

The Pause Button
Many of us put our life on hold, waiting for the “perfect” moment or for someone else’s decisions. This can severely delay your journey to your life vision. I urge you to embrace smaller steps toward your vision instead of waiting indefinitely. Do what you need and want to do for you. If it’s important to you then no one can get in your way.

Key Insight: Don’t hit the pause button on your life. Utilize every moment to move, even incrementally, toward your vision.

Transforming Obstacles into Stepping Stones
As we wrapped up the podcast, I challenged you to list your fears, doubts, and perceived obstacles. Create an anti-obstacle for each—an identity statement that negates the initial stumbling block. For instance, if your obstacle is procrastination, your new mantra could be, “I am the kind of person who puts thoughts into action.”

Actionable Tip: Create your identity statements and place them where you can see them daily. This reinforces your new, empowering self-perception.

Overcoming obstacles on the way to your life vision is about evolving your mindset, embracing identity-based goals, and viewing challenges as temporary situations. Consistent, incremental actions and a positive reframe can turn your dreams into reality. If this resonates with you, share it with friends and family.

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Stay tuned for the next two episodes, where we’ll explore our spiritual life further.

Keep believing, keep evolving, and keep reaching for your Something Better.

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