A woman sitting on the floor with her laptop computer, looking up at a wall that has three check marks with the words, Checklist of Life underneath.

In the Checklist of Life, please cross off ‘Learn to be Spiritual’

Embrace Your Spiritual Journey: A Path to Human Experience Exploring Your Beliefs In life, checking off “Learn to be Spiritual” isn’t necessary—you already are a spiritual being having a human experience. What you truly need to put on your checklist …

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Overcoming Obstacles on the way to your Life Vision

In the latest episode of “This Life or Something Better,” we delve into overcoming obstacles on the journey to your life vision. Discover how to perceive challenges as temporary, focus on identity-based goals, and view failures as growth opportunities. Tune in for actionable insights and join our community for ongoing support. Keep believing, evolving, and reaching for your Something Better.